Regional Administrative Officer

Devon & Cornwall OPCC
D&C Office of the PCC
Andy Hocking House, Exeter
Hybrid Worker
A Hybrid Worker is an employee whose role can be performed remotely from a variety of alternative locations including force premises, partner organisation premises or a member of staff's home. 
Grade 4
Internal and External Recruitment
Starts at £24,921 rising by yearly increments to a maximum of £27,351 per annum

The above salary is based on a full time (37 hour) salary. If you are successful in a part time role this will be pro-rata'd to reflect your working hours.

Please note: Exceptions to starting salary may apply if you are an existing Police Staff employee substantively posted to a role at the same grade.


For additional information on allowances please see our "allowances" page

Full Time
14 March 2024

This is an exciting opportunity to work across the region in support of our collaborative initiatives and partnerships. You will be responsible for supporting the Regional Collaboration Advisor and the Prisoners Building Homes Programme Delivery Manager.  In this role you will engage with senior external partners as well as internal staff across the 5 Offices of the Police and Crime Commissioners.  You will support the administration for the SW Police Collaboration Board, the South West Reducing Reoffending Partnership, the Prisoners Building Homes Governance Board and other similar Boards, Partnerships and Projects.

If you are unsure if you meet the criteria for this position but are excited about the role, we encourage you to get in touch. We want the right person with the right attitude and drive, and you may well be that person. If you would like an informal chat, please call Unity Stuart (Executive Office Manager) on 07816189769.  To apply for this role please click the 'Apply' button below to send a personal statement of no more than 1,000 words showing how you meet the criteria along with your CV

05/03/2024, 12:00

Under the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 this post is politically restricted.  A politically restricted post prevents an individual from having any active political role either in or outside the workplace and will automatically be disqualified from standing for or holding elected office.   They are also restricted from canvassing on behalf of a political party or a person who is or seeks to be a candidate, and speaking to the public at large or publishing any written or artistic work that could give the impression that they are advocating support for a political party. For more information, please visit our website or see Alliance PSD20 Working Practice via SharePoint.
For Further Information, Please Contact:
Unity Stuart
Specialist Programme Delivery Manager

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