Legally Qualified Chairs

Devon & Cornwall OPCC
Fixed Term
Please note that it is recommended that applicants applying for an internal or external secondment will need to seek support from their SMT for their temporary release from their substantive role before applying from their SMT. At the end of the secondment the successful applicant(s) would return to their substantive role. However, if in the meantime the releasing department is subject to review, the successful applicant(s) would be included in that review as if still in post.
A Fixed Term contract
D&C Office of the PCC
Covering Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. (Hearings will be at one location).
Hybrid Worker
A Hybrid Worker is an employee whose role can be performed remotely from a variety of alternative locations including force premises, partner organisation premises or a member of staff's home. 
Tier 1 - 4: Internal and External
See "Fees" section as detailed in the role profile

The above salary is based on a full time (37 hour) salary. If you are successful in a part time role this will be pro-rata'd to reflect your working hours.

Please note: Exceptions to starting salary may apply if you are an existing Police Staff employee substantively posted to a role at the same grade.


For additional information on allowances please see our "allowances" page

Part Time
Average hearings last from 1 to 4 days, 3 or 4 times a year plus pre-hearing preparation.
3 October 2022

These positions will be working for the Offices of the Police and Crime Commissioners in Devon and Cornwall and Dorset.

Following a public consultation led by the Home Secretary, changes were made to the police disciplinary system for the purposes of more transparency, independence and justice. This included holding Police Misconduct Hearings in public and replacing Chief Police Officers with Legally Qualified Chairs.

Police Misconduct Hearing Panels are convened to hear allegations of serious cases of misconduct by police officers. The maximum outcome at this hearing would be dismissal from the police service without notice. Cases would include for example, allegations of criminal acts, serious road traffic matters such as drink/driving and other serious breaches of the standards of professional behaviour expected of police officers, such as neglect of duty. Misconduct Hearings could also be convened to consider the final stages of action under performance regulations, where police officers can be dismissed for unsatisfactory performance or attendance.

When hearing cases under The Police (Conduct) Regulations, the Chair will be expected to have read the papers in advance, and will be required to provide full reasons in writing for the Misconduct Hearing Panels decision before the end of 5 working days, after the day of the conclusions of the proceedings. It is a very paper heavy process and so a commitment to writing reports will be essential.

Misconduct Hearing Panel Chairs are required to travel throughout the counties of Devon, Cornwall and Dorset.

    Please see role profile for full details.

    13/09/2022, 20:00

    For Further Information, Please Contact:
    Philippa MOLD
    Administrative Officer - Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
    01392 225555

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